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Amatole Montane Knysna Forest

The Knysna-Amatole montane forest is a wide strip of dense timberland comprising Diepwalle Forest, Garden of Eden, Gouveld Forest, Groeneweide Nature Walk, and Jubilee Creek. It covers a total of 60,500 hectares on the southern slopes of the Outenique Mountains between Mossel Bay and the Krom (or Kromme) River. A variety of animals can be found in this forested wonderland.

Keep an eye out for the rare Knynsa elephant, leopard, bushpig, baboon, vervet monkey, honey badger, bushbuck, and blue duiker. However, it’s not just the wildlife that makes this area so truly unique, but also the wide array of vegetation, including stinkwood, kalander, kershout, hard pear, white pear, yellowwood, assegai, and the pink flowered Cape chestnut trees. Birding enthusiasts can look forward to spotting the elusive Knysna Loerie, Narina trogon, wood owl, Rameron pigeon, Knysna scrub warbler, and more.

Despite the small size of the ecoregion, the Knysna and Amatole forests are South Africa's largest individual forests. The Knysna forest has been exploited for valuable timber since the 18th century and the Amatole forests since the 20th century. Today, the forests are mostly within protected areas, but managed timber harvesting is allowed.

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