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Shaping a Shared World Feb 24th – Mar 15th 2014. “Anything that you needed, you just go to Hanover and get it.”

Thandi Makhupula (Interview, 1999) “No matter where we are, we are here.”

Mrs Abrahams (taken from the memory cloth, 1994) Digging Deeper

View virtual tours of our permanent exhibitions. D6 as a National Heritage Site

In its simplest terms, the return of people to District Six has significance for the country as a whole, and for the Museum in particular. Join the Baluleka youth club


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It was launched on 10 December 2005 as an umbrella programme for a range of projects that serve to engage youth in the life of the Museum, the city and globally. The District Six Museum

District Six was named the Sixth Municipal District of Cape Town in 1867. Originally established as a mixed community of freed slaves, merchants, artisans, labourers and immigrants,


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  • R60 With ex-resident guide
  • R45 self guided tour