General Info about the company and Passes (17)

General Information about Cape Town Pass as a Company as well as about the Passes

Your pass will be either be scanned by the integrated access control system at the venue (e.g. Turnstile) or it will be scanned using an app that Cape Town Pass supplied the venue.

The CapeTownPass can be bought online at http://capetownpass.travel/pricing; Or by downloading the Cape Town Pass APP by clicking on the QR code of a Cape Town Pass Affiliate or via the webpage at http://capetownpass.travel/app ; Then navigate to the menu icon on the right hand top corner of the APP (this opens the “My Passes” menu) > navigate to the “Buy Now” option.

Cape Town Pass was launched on 2 September 2016 at the Hotel Verde with MEC Alan Winde as Key Note Speaker.

Payment can be accepted in GBP, USD, ZAR or in EURO. Credit Card, Paypal or SnapScan. More payment methods to be added as demand dictates.

No need to physically collect your Pass anywhere!

When you registered with Cape Town Pass in the process of buying, you supplied an email address and password. To obtain the pass you have one of 3 options.

  • First option would be to use the email address and password to download the pass to your smart phone using the Cape Town Pass App. The pass can then be viewed in the App and presented at the venues on the smart phone in the app. The venues / attractions will be able to scan the pass from the smart phone.

  • Second option would be to check the email that you would have received to the email address that you registered with. Cape Town Pass would have sent email to this address confirming the transaction. In the email there will also be a link that one can click on to download a PDF version of the pass (self print). The black & white printed version of this pass image can be presented at the venues as is and the venues will be able to scan the bar code & validate it and allow the pass holder entry the same as all other tickets at their venue.

  • Third option is to request for a physical card that can be collected / delivered to you. The card will have a barcode on it and can be presented at the venues, be scanned for validation and it and allow the pass holder entry the same as all other tickets at their venue. Cape Town Pass reserves the right to charge additionally for this last option.

The Cape Town Pass App is downloadable from both the Google Play store as well as the iOS Store. Once the App has been downloaded, the app can operate offline. All the information, descriptions and images are inside the app. This means that when a person had downloaded the app, they would not need any data / internet connection for them to view the images and information of the venues / attractions on the app.
Cape Town Pass can communicate to the users that have the app on their smart phones. Information such as specific specials or weather info etc can be communicated through the app. It will also soon be able to communicate to Cape Town Pass team via the app with text messages.
If the user has data / internet connection, the app can also be used to give directions / navigate on a map to show the user how to walk / drive / use public transport to get to the venue.

The 2 or 3 Day time period of the pass starts running the moment that the pass is used / scanned at the first venue.

The passes are sold as 2Day and 3Day options. The days quoted are calendar days. This means if you scan a 2Day pass any time on a Monday, the pass will be valid for the rest of that Monday as well as the entire Tuesday. This does, however, mean that if you scan the pass the first time on Monday 16:00, the 2Day pass will still expire end of Tuesday. If you scan the pass the first time on 08:00 on the Monday, it will still expire by the end of Tuesday. The validity period are calendar days.

The three days of the 3Day pass (and the two days of the 2Day pass) have to run consecutively.

24/7! Cape Town Pass makes use of a Call Centre that operates 24/7/365 and has the ability to assist someone in any of 200 languages by calling in a translator as a 3rd party on the call. Currently Cape Town Pass can be called with a local call from UK on +44 161 660 2964, from USA on +1 480 588 2515, from the rest of Europe on +45 78 77 2016 and in South Africa on +27 10 500 1956; Emails can be sent to info@capetownpass.travel

Yes! Cape Town Pass directors and employees are all South African citizens. The development of the website, app and admin back-end were all done in-house by South Africans. Cape Town Pass has been registered as a Proudly South African Company.

Cape Town Pass is a fully accredited and paid up member of Cape Town Tourism.

Due to the strategic partnership that Cape Town Pass has with Wesgro, Cape Town Pass will develop and make available amongst other products the Delegate Pass. Part of the components of Wesgro is the Cape Town and Western Cape Conference Visitors Bureau (CTCVB). The CTCVB actively promotes the Western Cape and Cape Town as a Conference destination and due to their involvement, Professional Conference Organisors (PCO’s) work with the CTCVB when arranging Conferences. Part of the package that is created by the PCO would be some form of entertainment or activity for the delegates to maximize the free time they might have during their time in Cape Town. Cape Town Pass has the first right on supplying these bespoke packages that would be included in the delegates conference pricing. It would essentially be a one-day Cape Town Pass called a Delegate Pass. Each conference’s delegate pass will be specially packed and priced specifically for that conference.

Regional Passes are the passes that Cape Town Pass will be rolling out in the 5 tourist regions of the Western Cape namely the West Coast, Winelands, Overberg, Garden Route and Klein Karoo. Each of these passes will be stand-alone options as well and there will be discounted deals combining the passes.

Cape Town Pass has a Strategic Partnership with Wesgro. Wesgro is an agency of the Western Cape Government – It is the Official Tourism, Trade & Investment Promotion Agency for Cape Town and the Western Cape. Wesgro divisions include Tourism, Trade, Investment Promotion, Research, Film & Media and the Convention Bureau.

The strategic partnership that Cape Town Pass has with Wesgro means that Cape Town Pass has first option in quoting an inclusive package to be included in the Conference Package for conferences arranged via the Conference Bureau of Wesgro; This product will be known as the Delegate Pass. It will be a bespoke pass for each conference to suite the requirements of the specific conference delegate profile.
A further result of the partnership is that Cape Town Pass will also roll out similar passes to the five tourist regions of the Western Cape namely the West Coast, Winelands, Overberg, Garden Route and Klein Karoo;

The admin-back office that Cape Town Pass operate on has been locally developed in house by one of the directors of Cape Town Pass. This also means that there are no exhorbitant licencing fees or royalties that are paid to overseas companies, our money remains local.

Attractions/Vendors/Suppliers (5)

Information for vendors such as venues, attractions and activities

A Discount Vendor is an establishment such as a restaurant or hotel where the product or service is not sold via Cape Town Pass (i.e. it is not included in the pass and neither is it an On-Sell product where Cape Town Pass receives the money on your behalf). The Discount Vendor is an establishment that agreed to offer Cape Town Pass-holders a discount at their establishment and in exchange Cape Town Pass lists their business / products on the free Cape Town Pass APP. When the holder of a Cape Town Pass that qualifies produces their pass when paying for the bill, the Discount Vendor will scan the pass to validate it (check that it qualifies) and will then apply the discount to the bill.

There is no cost involved to become a Cape Town Pass Affiliate. You complete the Affiliate Sign-Up document, receive your stickers free of charge / html code for integration into your web-page / refer clients with web-links from Facebook and Twitter and earn commission as these clients buy and use their passes.

Criteria: A Tourist Attraction can become part of the 2Day or 3Day / 3DayPLUS Cape Town Pass. Attractions that can be incorporated in the Pass are typically attractions or activities in a certain price range. Attractions / Activities that are up to R100 to max R150 per person as entry fee can be incorporated in the pass depending on the level of discount that the Attraction is willing to give Cape Town Pass. Email info@capetownpass.travel requesting the Sign-Up document for Attractions; Complete the document and return it to info@capetownpass.travel. The Admin Team will forward the Info Collect Document with which you can feed through all the relevant information that Cape Town Pass will require to load your Attraction. You will receive training on how to scan the passes and what reports etc to expect. Payments are done weekly on a Wednesday calculated for all passes scanned and redeemed for the previous week from the Monday to the Sunday.
Attractions / Activities that are more expensive or that rely on specific bookings are better suited for On-Sell Vendors (see next question and answer).

As long as you are able to grant Cape Town Pass a fair discount which can be passed on to Cape Town Pass holders, we will gladly list your product or service on the CapeTownPass.Travel website and app. This information will reach all users of the website and app and when these users elect to purchase your product or service, Cape Town Pass will take the preliminary order and send an email to your designated email address. The email will contain all the necessary detail that will enable the receiver to “Accept” or “Decline” the order (thus confirming availability of the product or service due to other bookings / stock on hand etc). Once the receiver responded and accepted the order, the money is collected from the buyer and the buyer and seller are both send confirmation of the order with the necessary order reference number for the buyer to obtain the service with. The order / voucher will bear a bar-code which the product supplier scans (with the Cape Town Pass Validation App or via Website)) when the buyer redeems it. By the fact that it had been scanned, the seller will be paid with the next payment run for the voucher. Reconciliations take place on a Sunday – reconciling the Monday to Sunday of the prior week. Monday morning emails are sent to the product owners to summarize what products have been redeemed in that week / past weeks with summary of the pay-outs made with the appropriate invoices and weekly statement.

The Venues / Attractions can validate the Pass by using the Cape Town Pass Validation App that we supply and can be used on a smart phone or validation can be done via the web interface located at http://capetownpass.travel/validate or if required, can be done via SMS to 32545 in the format of CTPass AttractionID Payload. The cost is R1 per SMS. As an example, to validate pass number 12345678912345 as Attraction PurpleTrain the sms text will read: CTPass PurpleTrain 12345678912345
The system will reply with “Accept” or “Decline” and will include a reason if it has been declined.

Cape Town Pass in the Garden Route (7)

Matters related to the Cape Town Pass in the Garden Route

The Pass that is valid in the Garden Route is the 5Day Cape Town Pass in the Garden Route; The 2Day Cape Town Pass and 3Day Cape Town Pass (which do no specify "in the Garden Route") will only be valid in Cape Town and surrounds. Be sure to select the correct option when making your purchase & check your email for your confirmation email with all the relevant detail.

The 5 days of your Cape Town Pass in the Garden Route has to run consecutively, yes.

The Garden Route & Klein Karoo Discount Pass (or GR & KK Pass as it is also known) is included into the Cape Town Pass in the Garden Route as annual membership when you buy a Cape Town Pass in the Garden Route. See all the benefits the GR & KK Pass includes by visiting http://gardenroutepass.co.za

The 5 days of the Cape Town Pass in the Garden Route starts when the pass is used the first time at one of the included attractions. The validity is for 5 calendar days. This means if the pass is used for the first time on the Saturday, it will be valid and active till Wednesday, close of business.

Cape Town Pass in the Garden Route will always be available online. You can thus download the Cape Town Pass App (http://capetownpass.travel/app.html) and make your purchase via the App. Alternatively you can just go online to (http://capetownpass.travel/pricing.html) and look for the 5Day Cape Town Pass in the Garden Route. Most of the included Attractions also sell the pass over the counter.

The GR & KK Pass that comes with your Cape Town Pass in the Garden Route is downloaded onto your smartphone into the Cape Town Pass App (as a digital card) and then presented the same as you would your GR & KK Pass. In the process of buying the Cape Town Pass in the Garden Route, you are required to supply an email address and password (with which Cape Town Pass creates a profile for you) and when you enter that email address and password into the Cape Town Pass App download space, it downloads your live passes as well as the GR & KK Discount Pass as digital card.

The list of including attractions are ever changing and growing so the best is to navigate to http://capetownpass.travel/attractions.html and click on the GardenRoute filter - This will display only attractions related to the Cape Town Pass in the Garden Route.

Tour Operators / Tourist Guides (2)

Info relevant to Tour Operator Companies as well as Tourist Guides

Tourist Guides have the benefit that they can download all the passes of a group onto his phone and have the convenience of not having to buy separate tickets for separate entry points. Tourist Guides can obviously also be Affiliates.

Cape Town Pass offers to Tour Operators the opportunity to obtain plastic card passes that are not active yet. The Tour operator then logs into Cape Town Pass’ Tour Operator Portal and activate the cards that they plan to use. Now the Tour Operator is able to hand these cards to their clients who can start using it whenever they choose seeing that it is active. The 2 or 3 day clock starts running once the card had been scanned at the first attraction.
If the Tour Operator commits to a substantial quantity of passes that they plan to take up from Cape Town Pass, they receive a substantial discount on the price of the pass. If they do not take up the quantity as agreed, the additional discount falls away and it reverts to 7.5% discount.
The Tour Operator is invoiced weekly for the passes that were activated the week before.