• Validity and Activation
  • Refund Policy
  • Delivery
  • The Pass can be activated any time within 3 months after it's original purchase by simply visiting an attraction.
  • Once activated the Pass will remain valid for 3 consecutive calendar days.
  • During it's 3 day validity the pass will grant you free access to all of our included attractions.
  • Add-ons products may be used separate from the Pass, in other words they do not have to be used during the same 3 calendar days.
  • Any un-used Pass will be refunded in full upon request, even after the initial 3 month period.
  • Once a Pass has been used and a refund is requested, it will still be refunded, but less the full retail price value of any attractions visited.
  • If the full retail price of any attractions visited exceed the price of the pass no refund will be made.

Your passes can be delivered to you using one or all of the following delivery methods.

  • Directly on our free mobile App to conveniently carry with you.
    • Once downloaded the Passes can be used even if your device is off-line, ie. roaming.
  • Print them yourself at your home or office.
  • We can deliver physical cards to your hotel before your arrival, if you prefer.